There are few more controversial and eccentric places known than the city of Tijuana. Over the last 10 years there has been a very decent cultural recovery, giving rebirth to young artists. During 2013 I became interested in a social project called Redes 2025 founded in 2010. One of the main goals of this program, started with the urgent need to slowly replace the Baja California Symphonic Orchestra with young talents. After many fundraising struggles, the organization copied a successful structural system born in Venezuela founded by José Antonio Abreu. The program consists of a musical education system aimed at kids and adolescents (8 – 14 years old) with a special interest in those living in high risk and violent neighborhoods around Baja California State. During the last two weeks of December 2013, I had the privilege to live among some of these families. I was witness to the everyday struggle that families, the organization and students undertake in order to keep building their education. By staying at the houses of some of these students, I had the chance to get a closer access and document their daily life. At the end I became touched and inspired by their courage and determination to get through the hard conditions and pressure that most of them were going through

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