Ekkeland Götze is working on a picture of the EARTH. To this end and within clearly defined individual projects, he collects SOIL from predetermined sites. This pure unmanipulated EARTH is then printed by Ekkeland Götze either on paper or as fresco on fresh lime mortar or other surfaces using a standardised procedure which he himself developed. A homogenous work is thus established which continues to grow in extent and complexity into an image of the EARTH.
The squares resulting from individual projects are authentic pictures from their respective origins. They reach a spiritual dimension which goes beyond a purely graphic representation of EARTH. This objective picture of the EARTH is a platform for intercultural communication and offers room for association, to be filled by the individual thoughts, memories and hopes of the observer. In this particular project the soil was collected at the sites of the first established mission stations along the Camino Real on the Baja California (Mex). The produced Earth Art Works were intended to pay homage to the engagement of the Jesuits and their intelligent, inquiring minds, and the openness with which they approached the foreign and the unknown. 

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