"We came to explore a foreign land that seemed an unknown paradise, the wild west with gothic cathedrals and Spanish palettes in Indian mountains.  We had a pact that no one would write about it. Till 1980 when a parvenu wrote a travel piece for the LA Times, expats could live on twenty-five hundred dollars a year." 

Alice Denham (2013) "Secrets of San Miguel" 

The City I currently inhabit has been recently voted as “The Best City in the World”. Today this Mexican territory is known for it’s classy spas, cafes, galleries and colorful houses that make it a safe place to live. San Miguel de Allende has experienced many aesthetic changes after becoming a ghost town during the Mexican Revolution. In the 50`s many “expats” mainly form Canada, United States and some parts of Europe, arrived seeking a safer and peaceful place to live.  Hippies, rich kids and dopers found their place and slowly created the perfect stereotype of a Mexican town. As a Mexican that recently relocated from Mexico City it instantly felt like a small “bubble” alien to the rest of the Country`s current situation of corruption and violence. 

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